What is “The Online Hunting Expo”?

This is the first visually rich online EXPO for the Hunting & Wingshooting industry that allows hunters from all over the world to get the latest information about their next hunting trip. Participants can access Virtual Booths where they can view, download and browse content like brochures, images and videos. They can then save interesting items to a Virtual Briefcase that they can download later. The exhibitors can start direct conversations with attendees using text, audio and video chat, in a 1:1 chat or group chat setting. In the auditorium speakers are sharing the latest hunting related news, companies can present themselves via image-video and producers of guns, equipment or optics can show their latest innovations… this happens via pre-recorded videos or semi-live sessions. The platform offers support for all devices and has mobile friendly versions of the event allowing the clients to engage on the go. 


Why should I exhibit at “The Online Hunting Expo”?

Exhibitors can present their products very cost effectively. You can reach a global audience with no need for travel. You can collect valuable data and information from attendees. You can measure engagement, turnout and behavior of visitors with detailed reports. You can engage visitors in real time using audio & video chat. 

When does “The Online Hunting Expo” take place?

The exhibition takes place at the 23rd & 24th of January 2021. The show is open from 10.00 AM till 10.00 PM – UTC. So you can attract hunters from all over the world in their individual time-zone.  


How does “The Online Hunting Expo” work for me?

We are setting up a virtual lobby, exhibition hall and an auditorium. We setup a booth for you with your logos, branding, videos, pictures, online brochure, price list and short description who you are and what you are offering. We also integrate a complete contact platform with all your contact details, a video and audio chat option to talk direct to the clients and a meeting place where you can see all online visitors who are at your booth. During the show you should be at your home or office with a stable internet connection and wait for interaction.  


How does “The Online Hunting Expo” work for the visitors?

Visitors do not need to download a software. They can join the event from every place around the world. They start their journey from the landing page at www.the-online-hunting-expo.com. First they must fill out a registration form and create a LOGIN. The registration page is online three months in advance. In the days before the show starts, we will send them a reminder. When they have entered the Expo they can stroll through the halls and auditorium and discover new destinations & offers, visit outfitters they have already been hunting with, or watch videos about the newest products in the market. We offer complex and detailed search options when they are looking for something special. 


What does “The Online Hunting Expo” cost?

For the exhibitors we have an early bird fee of 1000 € until October 1st, then the price goes up to 1250 €. This includes the set up of the booth, the online presentation during the event, all info and collected data of the visitors to your booth during the show, final report & charts for advanced analysis. Also, your company information will be listed on www.the-online-hunting-expo.com with redirection to your homepage for one year. We offer different options for sponsoring banners and company / product presentation in the auditorium. There are no charges for visitors.  


Where are the visitors of “The Online Hunting Expo” coming from?

We have many different approaches. We have hired a Google & Social Media specialist for different online advertising options. We will have articles in major hunting magazines and online blogs. All exhibitors shall invite their existing clientele and interested hunters to renew old relationships. Since this is the first event of it´s kind we expect a lot of interest. 


Will “The Online Hunting Expo” replace the mayor hunting shows?

No, this is a fresh and new addition to the already existing shows around the world. Especially in these unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 virus, this is a cost-effective tool and a new approach to finding new clients who would never come to a hunting show, or to reactivate existing clients of past years. There are also more and more young hunters who are internet enthused and open to new innovations. 


Are there already existing events to compare?

Amidst the global impact of coronavirus, the first edition of Art Basel Hong Kong's online viewing rooms exhibited a total of 235 dealers and reported a total of global 250,000 visitors to the virtual platform for 5 days. The gross amount of sold art exceeded the 50 million US$ mark. 

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